Conference Room

The use of technological equipment can be simplified.

As a result, you will have less stress and you will be more productive.


Clean Desk

Most of these rooms are messy because of all the cables, adapters and remotes laying around.

This can be cleaned up by using retractable cable systems and take advantage of wireless solutions.

Remote Collaboration

Never have a bad remote collaboration experience again.

With the right conferencing system you can work toghether smoothly with sharp images and crystal clear sound.

You can share documents with your colleagues and let them modify these in real time. As a result you'll never have to send your Power-point through e-mail and wait that your co-worker send it back.

This is a huge time saver.

Control Your Room

A nice meeting experience start with the way you enter the room...

Often, you have to turn on the lights, lower the projection screen, turn on the projector and so on. Even for those simple tasks you need multiple remotes.

Wouldn't it be great to have all this automated and controlled by one system ?

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