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Are you looking for someone to design and install your audio-visual installation ?

We listen to your expectations and make your dream come true by providing you a custom made solution.



Control everything in your home, from lighting to music, to climate, shades and security and more. This all by pressing a knob or by using a "Crestron" touch screen or your mobile device.

Ease of use

Setting the mood is as easy as a push on a knob. When you press on "Diner" the lights will dim to a comfortable light level and background music will start to play in the dining room.

Home Theatre

Are you looking for a system that can give you a movie experience while watching a movie at home? We design a system that meets your needs and budget.

Audio / Video

Imagine accessing your entire music collection in any room of your house or in the garden. This all is possible by choosing what song should play in which room. All this controlled by touch screen.

Attention to detail

For you attention to detail is important, for us it's needless to say.

Total solutions

From Hi-Fi speakers to a full built-in home cinema controlled by domotics, we provide you a customized solution that meets your requirements.

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