Outdoor Solutions

You can listen to music, watch TV and enjoy other technologies inside your home.

Why shouldn't you be able to do all of this outside ?


Surrounded by sound

By placing the speakers around you in your garden you won't have those spots where the music is too loud or too quiet.

Because the speakers are placed towards your house you won't suffer from angry neighbors ever again.

Invisible speakers, present sound

The speakers are so compact and discrete that they can be hidden between yours flowers or up in trees. Unless you know where they are you won't see them.

Buried subwoofer

By placing a subwoofer in the ground you'll always have punchy bass, which traditional outdoor speakers can't deliver you.

No more flat sound like your phone. Enjoy the same rich sound outdoor as indoor.

Outdoor TV

Everybody loves the ability to watch their favorite sports game outside while enjoying barbecue with friends.

This often means you have to drag your TV outside or somewhere visible from outside. You'll have to set the volume to a high level, which isn't comfortable for people inside.

By installing a permanent screen outside you can forget the struggle and enjoy your content outside.

Weather proof

The equipment is weatherproof which means you can leave them outside. From now on the only thing you should think of when it rains it yourself.

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